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NCTA Workshop: To LLC or not to LLC?

Business Structures

– An Introduction to Business Structures in California

  • What, if any, is the difference between a sole proprietor and a freelancer?
  • What’s the difference between a DBA (doing business as) and a fictitious business name?
  • Should I form an LLC, if so, do I need to hire a lawyer?
  • Several of my clients told me I need to incorporate after AB5 took effect in order to do business with them–with AB2257 superseding AB5, is that still true?

If you’ve asked yourself these and similar questions, this workshop is for you!

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Conferences, conferences!

Can you build your own MT engine?

Recently, I’ve been quite busy attending several virtual conferences, presenting at some of them, and recording videos to be presented at upcoming conferences in the near future.

Two weeks ago I attended and presented at the wonderful virtual conference Together Again (from afar) organized by the Oregon Society of Translators and Interpreters (OSTI). The title of my presentation was “Bias in Neural Machine Translation,” loosely based on this blog post here.

Tomorrow I am honored to be part of a panel discussion “Ask the Experts” at the Innovation in Translation Summit. My pre-recorded presentation entitled “Can you build your own MT engine?” will be featured tomorrow, October 6, and will be live for 24 hours.

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A Letter from the Easter Bunny – on Email Phishing and Other Spoofs

A Letter from the Easter Bunny – on Email Phishing and Other Spoofs

A Letter from the Easter Bunny – on Email Phishing and Other Spoofs

Consider the following scenario: You receive an email message from the HR department of a large international corporation inviting you to a job interview. The company is looking for a language professional with precisely your skill set. The offer sounds perfect, almost too good to be true. So, you look for the company online, the company URL (its address on the World Wide Web) matches the email address, and everything seems fine. Or is it? Read my new article on to find out how you can tell whether an email is authentic or could be a scam.

Webinar: Gone Phishing? Cybersecurity Essentials for Language Professionals – Recording Available


The recording for my webinar on cybersecurity essentials for language pros is now available on demand. To view the webinar and receive the handouts, visit the NCTA page here.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Passwords, passphrases, and hacking
  • Internet security: routers, Wifi, and VPNs
  • Securing other (mobile) devices
  • HIPAA, remote interpreting etc.
  • Phishing, smishing, spoofing and scams