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Certified German to English translations

Do you need a certified, official German to English translation?

I can help you. My certified translations of official documents are accepted by US authorities, such as USCIS (for visas and immigration), WES, and universities in Santa Barbara County, Los Angeles, California, and the rest of the USA. All such translations are accompanied by a certificate of accuracy with my ATA-certified translator stamp. Mailed hard copies are included (within the US).

Are you confused or stressed about the certified translation process?

No worries, just fill out the quote request form here, upload the document that needs translation (secured via SSL), and tell me what you need the translation for. I take it from there. If you need the translation fast, I provide express translations and shipping. I can also ship directly to your university or other US institution.

How much does a certified translation from German to English cost?

My pricing structure is super simple. You pay per page, and if you need express shipping, you pay for express shipping at cost, everything else is included: translation, stamped certificate of accuracy, emailed PDF, standard shipping of hard copies within the USA. That’s it. Just fill out the quote request form, sit back, relax, I got you covered.

Note: If you need a certified translation (“beglaubigte Übersetzung”) from English into German that is to be submitted to European/German/Austrian/Swiss authorities, I cannot provide these types of translation, because I am not “ermächtigt/beeidigt” for Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. In this case, I recommend looking for a list of sworn translators on the website of the requesting authority, because the local requirements vary wildly and only local colleagues will be able to help you.

Overview over the Certified German to English Translation Process


  • $35 per page with up to 300 words
  • Express service: $45 per page, $50 per page on weekends
  • Euros and other currencies accepted
  • Notarization available upon request (usually $20 total)
  • Express shipping of paper copies: $26.50

What’s Included

  • Professional German to English translation
  • Stamped certificate of accuracy
  • 100% acceptance guarantee by USCIS or WES or your money back
  • Email delivery within 48 hours for up to 5 pages, Mon-Fri
  • Physical paper copy included

Frequently Asked Questions about Certified German to English Translations

What document types do you translate? Do you translate certificates for USCIS immigration purposes?

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce decrees
  • German birth certificates
  • Austrian birth certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Transcripts
  • Other educational records for university admission
  • Documents for foreign educational credential evaluation
  • Documents for immigrant visas (EB visas, diversity immigrant visas etc.)
  • Documents for non-immigrant visas (H-1B, J-1, F-1, student visas etc.)
  • Bank statements
  • Pay stubs
  • Criminal record reports
  • Documents for foreign professional credential evaluation
  • And more

How Does the Process Work? How do I order a certified German into English translation?

1. You upload your documents securely onto my server.

Legible scans or photos accepted.

2. I send you a quote and delivery timeframe.

48-hour turnaround for up to 5 pages via email, Mon-Fri.

3. You pay securely.

Payment via credit card or PayPal. Other payment options available upon request.

4. I deliver on time.

Rush mailing of hard copies upon request. Mailing directly to your college or evaluation service possible.


What is the difference between a certified translation and a notarized translation? Which one do I need? Can I submit digital copies or do I need hard copies?

Certified Translation

A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a certificate of accuracy. For USCIS and immigration purposes, documents for naturalization in the US etc., a certified translation is in most cases sufficient. For example, here are the requirements for naturalization documents for N-400 applications. In most other cases, e.g. for the evaluation of foreign credentials by a NACES or AICE professional or for university admissions, a certified translation by an ATA-certified translator is sufficient as well.

Notarized Translation

A notarized translation is a translation accompanied by a certificate of accuracy, whereby the certificate of accuracy is signed in the presence of a notary public and the notary confirms the authenticity of the signature. This may be required by some non-immigration entities such as colleges, universities, or courts. When in doubt, please ask the requesting authority. I’m happy to help you find out which type of translation you require.

Digital versus hard copies

In some cases, especially during COVID-19, many authorities accept entirely digital documents, possibly digitally notarized. In any case, I always deliver hard copies by mail. You will receive a PDF file within 24 hours for up to 3 pages, and hard copies will be mailed out after your approval of the PDF. If you are unsure about the requirements, please ask the requesting authority.

Why Should I Trust You? Is My Personal Information Safe with You?


Since 2018, I am NCTA’s Webmaster and thus know a thing or two about cybersecurity. The only other living being who has access to my office is my dog, who lacks the opposable thumbs to crack my passphrases. I am using a dedicated email server under my own domain to send messages. Documents that you upload are encrypted via SSL.


I will inform you about the status of your certified translation at each step. Your purchase is automatically protected by the PayPal Buyer Protection program. If hard copies are required, they will be sent insured for the fee you paid with a tracking number.

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