Conferences, conferences!

Conferences, conferences!

Can you build your own MT engine?

Recently, I’ve been quite busy attending several virtual conferences, presenting at some of them, and recording videos to be presented at upcoming conferences in the near future.

Two weeks ago I attended and presented at the wonderful virtual conference Together Again (from afar) organized by the Oregon Society of Translators and Interpreters (OSTI). The title of my presentation was “Bias in Neural Machine Translation,” loosely based on this blog post here.

Tomorrow I am honored to be part of a panel discussion “Ask the Experts” at the Innovation in Translation Summit. My pre-recorded presentation entitled “Can you build your own MT engine?” will be featured tomorrow, October 6, and will be live for 24 hours.

If you missed it or any of the previous days, you can purchase the Power Pack and receive access to all the presentations plus a wealth of bonus information. As a spoiler – the answer to the question is affirmative, and you can even build it without programming a single line. Of course I didn’t realize that until after programming tons of code… If you want to save yourself some trouble, head on over to the Summit and watch my presentation.

Can you build your own MT engine?

Next week, I’ll be speaking at the virtual conference Meet Central Europe – Might as well be on Mars. While I’m not on Mars, but in California, I’m glad that my main presentation on Scams in the Language Sector, scheduled for 5:45am my time zone, is pre-recorded, although the Q&A right afterwards at around 6:15am is live. Thank goodness for a great espresso machine!

And of course, in two weeks, the 62nd Annual Conference of the American Translators Association will be taking place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ll be part of a panel discussion on a new ATA program, the Mastermind groups, on Thursday, and I’ll be moderating another panel discussion on grassroots advocacy on Friday.

I hope to see you in person or virtually soon!

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Carola F. Berger is a German-English patent translator with a PhD in physics and a master’s degree in engineering physics. She is ATA certified for translation from German into English and from English into German and owns and operates CFB Scientific Translations LLC. Carola serves as webmaster on the NCTA Board of Directors and is also the Administrator of ATA’s Science and Technology Division.

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