Scam warning: US National Court Interpreters Database (NCID) email scam

Scam warning: US National Court Interpreters Database (NCID) email scam

The following was sent to me from a colleague, and I am hereby spreading the word.

To: All Individuals Listed in the National Court Interpreter Database
Re: Interpreting-NCID Scam 

The Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO) was advised on January 22nd, 2018 that interpreters in several states received a scam email requesting money in exchange for being listed in the judiciary’s National Court Interpreter Database (NCID), which is used by federal courts to locate contract interpreters. This message, purportedly sent by AO Director James C. Duff, requested that interpreters wire money through Western Union to an individual in Iowa. The email is fraudulent and not connected with the United States courts or with Director Duff. 

The judiciary has never required that individuals pay a fee to be listed in the NCID. To become listed in the NCID, follow the steps described here:

The AO is working to make the relevant law enforcement agencies aware of this scam and we ask that you notify us at if you receive this fraudulent email.

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