Scam Alert! Corporate Compliance Services

Scam Alert! Corporate Compliance Services

Today, another scam reached my inbox, my postal mail box, to be precise. A letter by “Corporate Compliance Services” sent me a “Labor Law Compliance Request Form,” notifying me that I am required to pay $84.00 to comply with federal law 92 USC Sec. 999 etc. etc. and so on and so forth.

Corporate Compliance Services scam

Corporate Compliance Services scam

Obviously, they messed with the wrong translator again, because in this case it was nearly immediately clear that this was a scam, as an internet search instantly revealed.

Clue number 1: The scammers sent the notice to my home address, not my business address. I use my business address for every single correspondence with all government entities and agencies, except my personal tax return. All business-related correspondence with city, county, and federal agencies as well as my clients goes through my business address.

Clue number 2: While the letter looks really elaborate, in the front and in the back, even more official than some correspondence I received e.g. from the IRS, they misspelled the word “address.” No goverment agency misspells a word on an official form. Some individuals might send out misspelled posts on social media, but no form I have ever seen contained such a blatant spelling error.

I was tempted to reply to the fake “notice” with a letter instructing them to deduct the fee from my Nigerian bank account, but alas, several deadlines are looming. Plus that would confirm my personal address.

Carola F Berger


Carola F. Berger is a German-English patent translator with a PhD in physics and a master’s degree in engineering physics. She is ATA certified for translation from German into English and from English into German and owns and operates CFB Scientific Translations LLC. Carola serves as webmaster on the NCTA Board of Directors and is also the Administrator of ATA’s Science and Technology Division.


Johnny Rocksburg

Corporate Compliance Services is out of Pembroke Place, FL. The owner is Thomas H. Fred. They use a series of PO Boxes across the country to hide their true identity. They buy lists of new business from states and send the scare tactic letters. The owner has been caught in the past with a similar scam in FL. If you are scammed, you should contact the FL Attorney General. If we all stand against this behavior it will cease.


I just received a same letter, exactly same misspelled the word “address”, I’m feeling a bit strange then I google it.
Glad to hear that’s a scam letter, I wouldn’t get bite.

    Penny Bonneau

    We got one also. We didn\’t catch the spelling error. But when we called the customer service number to get their mailing address, we could not get through. Thank you for posting this scam notice.

Naradi Jacobs

I also just got one. I was going to contact them to say i don’t employ anyone and first i’ve heard of having to pay this. Thankyou for pointing out the spelling error! I have the same error of course its a scam!


I am glad I decided to google it. I also received the letter a couple of days ago.

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