Clear all target segments in Trados Studio 2009

Clear all target segments in Trados Studio 2009

Here’s how to clear all target segments in Trados Studio 2009:

  1. Select the first segment of the block that you want to clear by clicking on the number of the segment on the left-hand side as shown below.
    Selection of segments in Trados

    Selection of segments in Trados
    (The text in the segments is masked for confidentiality reasons.)

  2. Go to the last segment of the block of segments that you want to clear, keep the Shift key pressed while selecting the number of this last segment, as illustrated above. The entire block of segments should now be selected.
  3. Right click with your mouse and select “Clear Target Segment” from the context menu to clear all selected segments.
    Context menu for selection

    Context menu for selection

  4. Alternatively, you can also select “Translation > Clear Target Segment” from the main menu.
    Main menu - Translation

    Main menu – Translation

  5. As a third alternative you can use the keyboard shortcut “Alt+Del” to clear the selected target segments.

Carola F Berger


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