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Localization and Localization QA Testing

Website, Software, and Mobile App Localization for Germany and Austria

CFB Scientific Translations LLC is looking back on a decade of experience in the translation and localization of websites and software interfaces, including those of mobile apps, where I am able to leverage my extensive scientific and programming background from a previous research career in physics. Previously located in California’s Silicon Valley, I have experience performing localization quality assurance and testing of software interfaces and mobile apps on and off site for a variety of clients in the high-tech industry, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. Furthermore, I am currently serving as Webmaster on the Board of Directors of the Northern California Translators Association and know my way around WordPress, CSS, HTML, and PHP.

Thanks to continuing education courses in Java, Python, and Ajax at UCSC, and extensive programming experience in C++ and Java, I can handle most source document types and know how to handle and properly rearrange software tags and codes. I have experience in the QA testing of websites, Mac and Windows software, as well as iOS apps, ranging from games over social and productivity apps to engineering software. For more information, read my whitepaper on localization and localization QA from the tester’s perspective.

Linguistic and Scientific Consulting

I hold a PhD degree in physics and a Master’s degree in engineering physics. I am looking back on a successful research career with over 40 highly cited publications in renowned international journals and presentations at research institutions all over Europe and North America.

For many years, I have provided consulting services for Edatec, a process engineering and software firm, which included database management, equipment analysis, project management, and acting as intermediary between process engineers and IT developers. For another client, I have analyzed the underlying mathematical structure of a scientific publication in the area of economics and provided an Excel-implementation for further (confidential) use.

Mathematics Statistics Physics Math Consulting
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