Professional German-English Patent and Technical Translation Services

I provide professional English-German technical and patent translation services for the following document types:

  • Patents, specifications for PCT, Paris Convention, rule 71(3) EPC filing
  • Patents for national filing and validation in the US, Austria, Germany
  • Documents for discovery and IP litigation
  • Patent opposition briefs
  • Other patent-related documents
  • Scientific articles
  • Research reports
  • Theses
  • Abstracts and summaries
  • I also provide gisting services.
  • Manuals, user guides
  • RFPs, proposals
  • Technical data sheets
  • White papers
  • CAD drawings
  • Websites
  • Software interfaces
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I have direct connections to patent attorneys and patent agents in the US, Germany, and Austria and am happy to facilitate introductions.

Pricing of German to English and English to German technical and patent translation services

I generally charge per project (preferred), per page, or per word. I’m happy to include a stamped certificate of accuracy of the translation. I accept US-Dollars and Euros, other currencies upon request. I accept payments via ACH, PayPal including credit cards, wire transfer, SEPA bank transfer (for Euros), and in some instances via check.

My expertise includes the following subject matter fields:


Why should I trust you? Is my intellectual property safe with you?


Since 2018, I am NCTA’s Webmaster and thus know a thing or two about cybersecurity. The only other living being who has access to my office is my dog, who lacks the opposable thumbs to crack my passphrases. I am using a dedicated email server under my own domain to send messages. Documents that you upload are encrypted via SSL. Upon request, I am also happy to encrypt your documents with PGP encryption.

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