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Slides for Presentation on Bitcoin at ATA56

The slides for my presentation on Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies: Illegal Money or a New Global Payment Option?” are now online. Download them here.

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News from ATA’s Science and Technology Division

Starting in November, Lebzy Gonzalez will be the new Administrator of ATA’s Science and Technology Division, and I will assist her in the role of Assistant Administrator, taking over from the current outstanding duo Karen Tkaczyk and Alicja Yarborough. As an introduction to those who haven’t met me or interacted with me yet, SciTech blog editor Amy Lesiewicz featured a short interview with me here.

Copyright protection

Evidently, some of my writings and thoughts on various topics on this blog seem to be worthy to be pirated and are posted elsewhere without my permission or knowledge or referring back to this website. So, unfortunately, I have had to take some drastic measures to protect my intellectual property and added a plug-in that prevents certain keyboard shortcuts and mouse click actions. You should still be able to download the linked (and secured) files, but you shouldn’t be able to copy and paste stuff anymore.

If you want to use the material on this site elsewhere, please shoot me a message, I’m happy to work out an agreement that won’t cost you an arm and a leg (meaning, with the proper attribution, you’ll likely be able to use the content for free).