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Google Alerts

Google is one of the most-used search engines of the world. Aside from its search engine, Google offers a variety of other well-known services. However, there’s a very useful service that is relatively unknown: Google Alerts.

What are Google Alerts?

Google Alerts allow you to set up automatic email notifications whenever new entries are added to the top search results for the specific search term or keyword that you are asking Google Alerts to monitor.

Why should I use Google Alerts?

  • To monitor your online reputation: Everybody should care about their online reputation. If you are self-employed and/or a small business owner, you should care even more, because chances are, that the majority of your clients searches you online at some point. In this day and age of impersonation scams and identity theft, it is even more important to regularly check your online presence. If you set up a Google Alert with your name (and some variations), Google will do that for you.
  • To stay abreast of topics that interest you: Most of us are subscribed to email lists, RSS feeds, blogs, etc. But how will you hear about a new online news source on an interesting topic that is not yet on the radar of these standard sources? Google Alerts can help.
  • To research sectors and industries: Be it for investment purposes, to find new clients, to monitor the competition, or simply to stay on top of developments in the sector you are working in, Google Alerts can be useful if you pick the right search terms.
  • To follow important people: Just set up an alert with their name, and you’re all set.

How do I set up a Google Alert?

Setting up a Google Alert.

Setting up a Google Alert.

  1. Go to You don’t even have to have a Google account.
  2. If you have a Google account, sign in. If you don’t, proceed with the next step.
  3. Enter the search term you want to monitor.
  4. Select the desired options in terms of delivery, frequency, language, etc.
  5. Enter your email address if you don’t have a Google account.
  6. Click on “Create Alert.”

That’s it!

Scam alert!!!!!

An outfit called “Alliance of Applied Translators and Interpreters International”, AATII, has illegally acquired the publicly available information and names of thousands of translators and interpreters from various reputable directories, such as the ATA directory, and is using this information list the translators and interpreters without their consent on their site. My name and information was stolen as well without my knowledge (until this morning) or permission. Hacking of the associated databases does not seem to be involved, since only publicly available information was mined and subsequently falsely represented.

According to Whois, the website in question (which will not be linked here) is registered to the following person:

Registrant Name: LIXIN CHENG
Registrant Organization: Princemountain Transnational Services Inc.
Registrant Street: #300-5900 No. 3 Road
Registrant City: RICHMOND
Registrant State/Province: British Columbia
Registrant Postal Code: V6X 3P7
Registrant Country: CA
Registrant Phone: +1.6043702171

Warning: Do not do business with either AATII or Princemountain Translational Services until this matter is resolved!

Update: As of yesterday afternoon (April 15, 2016, US Pacific), the misused information has been removed from the site.

Update August 2020: According to the Law Society of BC, Li Xin Cheng dba Princemountain Translational Services Inc. has been banned from practicing law by the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Click here for details.